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The Original Sin

by Mark Spencer © 2009

Let's take a journey back in time,
To where sin first began.
Examine all the elements,
That caused the fall of man.

Adam and Eve were warned by God,
And here's the reason why,
If they ate the fruit of knowledge,
They both would surely die.

For that was the forbidden fruit,
As ordered by God's Word.
The Lord's command was adamant,
It did not go unheard.

Yet when the serpent spoke to Eve,
And questioned what God said,
He told her that she would not die,
But gain wisdom instead.

It was in that very moment,
She ceased to trust God's word.
The seeds of doubt were planted there,
And faith in God was blurred.

So Eve began to look at things
In a more selfish way.
Then Adam too doubted The Lord,
And chose to disobey.

But doesn't scripture clearly say
That Jesus IS the Word?
And was it not His holy voice,
To which this tale referred?

It would explain why Christ became
The savior of us all.
Since doubting his authority,
Caused humankind to fall.

It makes a certain kind of sense,
That doubt be corrected.
That we accept the very thing
The first sin rejected.

We doubted God's most holy Word,
So He took human form,
And shined its light upon the world,
To guide us through the storm.

We must have faith in Jesus Christ,
To regain paradise.
For I don't think salvation will
Be offered to us twice.

The Lord's word spoke the universe,
And made heaven and earth.
It breathed life into every soul,
Since the first human birth.

Adam and Eve doubted that Word,
Because of this, they fell.
And we've been doubting ever since,
Right to the gates of hell.

This is the sin we're born into,
And we are trapped within.
But faith in Christ will free you from
The original sin.

This poem was a finalist in the September 2021 poetry contest

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