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Kisses for your Mrs.

by John Janzen © 2019

What makes a pleasant present for your wife?
God’s greatest gift to you within this life
A blender, brush or scale would be all to no avail
Plant some kisses on your Mrs., by the way!

Just what exactly would express your love
And say all that your heart is thinking of?
A simple way to say that your love is here to stay
Plant some kisses on your Mrs., every day!

Sometimes the perfect gift is not more stuff
The “this and that” of life is not enough
To really make it real and express the way you feel
Plant some kisses on your Mrs., right away!

Perhaps you find a gift as such quite odd
And fear your wife will think of you a fraud
Feel free to take a chance and to dabble with romance
Plant some kisses on your Mrs., start today!

These not so subtle hints aren’t lost on her
She’ll come to think its her that you prefer
A rather joyous task and you need not even ask
Plant some kisses on your Mrs., bombs away!

Suppose the sudden interest sparks a flame
Should water be on hand the fire to tame?
Cast water now aside, let the flame of love abide
Plant some kisses on your Mrs., hip hooray!

Say, just what kind of writing is this poem?
This poet needs a room, perhaps a home!
I dare say smoking wicks are the ones Christ came to fix
Light ‘em up! Go kiss your Mrs., don’t delay!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.