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Friend, With Jesus There's No End

by Robert Hedrick © 2020

Friend, sin can put you on a path of shame and sorrow,
Troubling your day, with little hope of a better tomorrow.
Placing blinders on the heart and on the mind as well,
It can take you into an eternity spent in the flames of hell.

Friend, sin is controlled by the prince and power of the air,
Though he remains unseen, be assured, he's always there.
He is called the devil and Satan, the enemy of all mankind,
His sin so tempting,, that we can become spiritually blind.

Friend, sin unforgiven, puts a wall between God and you,
Then for as long as it is there, no way can you go through.
The wall can be moved but only Jesus can perform the task,
He will forgive each sin and remove this debt if you will ask.

Friend, it's still God's world although man's left destruction,
For he allowed Satan to lead and his lead is into corruption.
God is not surprised for He knew this day was on the way,
Through His word, we're given accounts of man lead astray.

Friend, the time draws near when Jesus will appear in the sky,
As He gathers the saved to take them to their home on high.
To no longer face death or sorrow or crying and no more pain,
For God cleared the tear stained eyes and Jesus, the sin stain.

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