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by Peter Fraser © 1998

To serve the Lord is to declare opposition,
To Satan and his dark horde.
Because of our righteous and holy decision,
We feel the touch of his fiery sword.

In all we do interference is certain,
I'm not going to play it down.
To behold the bright sun we must draw the dark curtain,
We must fight to obtain a crown.

Worship and praise attract Demonic attention,
They want it stopped no matter what.
And of course prayer rates a mention,
Our communication lines they will knot.

Our daily lives they'll interrupt,
To try and rob our faith and peace.
Relationships, family and our jobs they'll disrupt,
When they can they'll use law and Police.

The warfare is mostly sneaky and subtle,
They are there when we least expect.
But the name of Jesus is a strong rebuttal,
His power and authority they respect.

When we don't feel to pray or wait on the Lord,
We're probably under attack.
So pray all the more, swing the spiritual sword,
And stick it in Satan's back.

For his cunning and wiles will draw us away,
From the God we long to be with.
Our relationship with God he attempts to fray,
He would have us believe he's a myth.

So learn to determine the voice of our Lord,
He'll keep us safe under his wing.
By a raging bull we'll no longer be gored,
Death will have lost it's sting.

The message is simple. To follow Jesus Christ is a good way to attract the enemy's attention. No matter what you do they'll be at you, whether it's in prayer, praise or your normal day to day life. They attack you through your job and they attack you through your finances, anything that will take your mind off the Lord and challenge your faith. The effect that these attacks have on us totally depends on our actions and attitudes at the time. For example, the strong established Christian may shrug off an attack and immediately praise the Lord for being found worthy to pass through the fire, whereas the babe may be overcome with doubts (sometimes the other way around). Being far from perfect in these areas myself, all I can say is that we must strive to keep our eyes, hearts and minds on God at all times, have faith and stand

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