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To Follow God's Star

by Bob Peterson

In a land to the east, not near in the least,
Lived some wisemen who studied the sky.
While star gazing one night they were shocked by the sight,
Of a new star appearing on high.

Now stars as you know don't just come and then go.
They stay the same year after year.
So, what could this mean, a new star to be seen?
Something big must be happening here.

They hurried to look at scroll, text, and book.
Reading each passage and line.
Till one said with a cheer, "Come look it's right here.
There's a new king born in Palestine."

Of the Jewish folk, a prophecy spoke
Of a child who was born to be king.
He said, "The star is a sign of a ruler divine.
Let us go and gifts to him bring."

But journeys that vast don't happen so fast.
It takes time and perpetration you know.
There were plans to be making of what they'd be taking.
And some people move ever so slow.

But I'm happy to say, that at last came the day
For the Wisemen's journey to start.
But no crowd was there cheering, as departure was nearing.
For not everyone thought them so smart.

To chase after a star, traveling who knows how far,
Just in hopes that a king they might find.
Didn't make much sense, all that work and expense.
Some thought they were losing their mind.

But no matter how odd, they believed it of God;
The star appearing that night.
So, with their camels all packed, even some double stacked,
They left by the dawn's first light.

Over sand dune and plain, through the harshest terrain,
They faced dangers and got little rest.
But they all gave a cheer as Jerusalem drew near.
Thinking this was the end of their quest.

As they came into town, they asked all around,
For someone to show then the way.
They wanted to see where the new king should be.
But the crowd seemed confused what to say.

"We're speaking too fast", said one Maji at last.
So, he tried speaking slow and loud.
But still got a blank look from the crowd.

Finally, one man spoke out, "You don't need to shout.
We've all understood what you've said.
But no new king is known. Herod still on the throne.
I'm afraid that you've all been misled."

Just then there appeared a man with a long beard,
Saying, "Come, I've a message from the king.
You men from the east, come down from your beast,
And to King Herod your news quickly bring."

The crowd watched them go, with their camels in tow,
Thinking Wisemen were really quite strange.
To the palace they went, with the man who was sent,
To them for a meeting to arrange.

They told Herod of the star that had brought them so far;
Of the prophecy and their long dusty trail.
Herod's face turned all red and with cliched teeth he said,
"My what a fascinating tale."

Full of jealousy and hate for this treat to his fate.
He asked the scribes where the prophecy would unfold.
They said, "Bethlehem town, is where the child should be found.
At least that's what the prophet foretold."

With an innocent smile but conniving all the while.
Herod told the wisemen just what they should do.
"Go find the holy one, and when your worship was done,
Come tell me so I can worship him too."

Believing Herod's lie, they agreed to comply,
And left without further delay.
Starting off at night they cried out in delight,
Seeing the star there to show them the way.

It may seem a bit strange for God to arrange
A star to point out the road.
But it led straight and true, as a sign ought to do,
To Joseph and Mary's abode.

With reverence and awe the wisemen there saw
The child they'd been seeking so long.
Joy and wonder they felt, as together the knelt,
Feeling God's presence so strong.

Then they hurried to bring gifts for the new king:
Myrrh, frankincense, and gold.
Knelling there at his feet, they were honored to greet
The Holy one that scripture foretold.

Later that night, as they snored just a mite,
In a dream God gave them a warning.
Leaving Herod behind, a new way they should find,
To head home that very next morning.

Was it worth all the cost, and the time that they lost,
Just so they could arrive at this place?
Choosing not to withdrawal from answering God's call.
These men saw God face to face.

And even today, the price that you pay
Is high to follow God's star.
You must give Him your all to answer God's call.
But what you gain is greater by far.

Matthew 2:1-12

This poem was a finalist in the December 2021 poetry contest

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