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by Peter Fraser © 2021

Listen to the TV what the talking heads are saying,
They're selling an agenda like a pack of Donkeys braying,
Come and get your Vaccine, "Hee Haw Hee Haw" they say,
You need to stick it in your arm, not tomorrow but today.

It doesn't matter what it is, never mind what is in it,
We would never lie to you don't wait another minute,
Don't ask too many questions, doesn't matter what the facts are,
Just come on down or you'll be labelled an ignorant "Anti Vaxxer".

And then for your punishment you won't be able to travel,
The un-vaccinated will be blamed as society unravels,
You will have to wear a mask instead of a yellow star,
A class of social lepers hated by all near and far.

Get the jab or starve says the US President,
Not even able to buy or sell for American dissidents,
Now doesn't that sound familiar, I've heard that one before,
Those in the know are hearing the devouring Lion's roar.

Your job and income's gone by Government mandate,
Welcome to the future folks a Dictatorial state,
As long as you go their little way and follow the party line,
The world will be your oyster, you'll never need to pine.

Forget about your freedom though that's a thing of the past
Did we have it in the first place? Was the Die ever cast?
Democracy is dying in all the Western Nations,
God has given them over to Book of Romans devastation.

We had it all under his Grace and that is just a fact,
But God has been excluded in favor of a worldly pact,
What we see in the nations is the outworking of this decision,
The evil flesh is entertained, whatever they envision.

In summary I'd like to ask you to keep your wits about you,
These times are unprecedented for The Lords chosen few,
The "Vaccine" and Mark of the Beast are not of the same bent,
The "Vaccine" is a practice run for the coming "Main Event".

But it's still very disturbing and a sign of persecutions to come,
For all those deemed on the outer, the ones who won't succumb,
So if your forced to "Vaccinate" just pray for God's protection,
He will save us from attacks that come from every direction.

Peter Fraser September 2021

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