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Babylon the Great

by Mark Spencer © 2021

Hear ye the sentence of the lost!
Know both its measure and its cost!
The souls who once did strut about,
Thy spirits have been hollowed out!

The light shall not abide in thee!
Thy flame snuffed out by sorcery.
The bride and groom shall speak no more,
They've locked the gate and closed the door!

The angel heralds thee thy fate,
The curse of Babylon the Great!
She shall become a demon's pit!
The meat upon the serpent's spit!

My people, lest ye be erased,
Come out of her with urgent haste!
Use all the strength within thy legs,
Or thou wilt share her coming plagues!

And what of those unfaithful kings,
Who gave her jewels and golden rings?
They'll see her smoke from far away,
In fear of torment they will say:

"Alas! The mighty city fell!
Alas! Alas! Cast down to hell!"
The mariners and merchants all,
Will watch this mighty city fall!

The blood of prophets and of saints,
Flow through her streets without constraints!
Her stones are cast into the sea.
As angels sift through her debris.

And all who loved her wicked ways
Are cast into a sea ablaze!
To share in her eternal fate.
The spoils of Babylon the Great!

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