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The Man Who Makes Us Cry

by Billy Creighton © 2020

Praying alone at home
in my usual way,
asking the Lord upon my knees
"please use me today"

Just as I was finished praying
and rising to my feet
the phone began to ring
it was my friend, asking me to meet

"I'd like you to meet a friend of mine"
he said, in a casual way
"sure," said I with a smile
"I'm not doing much today"

So we chatted as we walked
but we didn't get very far
until to my great horror, we stopped,
right outside a gay bar!

My friend went first and waited
as he stood at the open door
but I just stood with my head bowed low
as if looking for a hole in the floor!

Glancing nervously behind me
making sure I wasn't being seen
gingerly and slowly I walked in
and quickly felt unclean!

I tried my best not to show
how repulsed I felt within,
I reasoned that these people's lives
were worse than mine had ever been

Soon I made my feeble excuses
and quickly I made haste
vowing never again to return
to such a God-forsaken place.

Walking home that day
and reflecting on my horrible experience
and thanking God I wasn't like them
no... I was a good Presbyterian!

Then it happened! (Unsurprisingly!)
that still small voice, lurking in my head
God was silently watching and listening
Now… there's something to be said!

"Do you think you're better than those
you just met in that place?"
"Who do you think you are?" He said
"I'll tell you… just a sinner saved by my grace"

"My Son poured out His love upon all,
making no distinction
and died in the place of all who sinned
saving those who truly ask for His forgiveness"

"So never think of yourself
more highly than you ought
and always remember my warning"
"Take heed lest ye fall"

I knew He was right, I felt so ashamed
and told God how I was feeling
"That's good He said but we're not finished yet",
"Oh-oh," I thought… now my head started reeling!

"I want you to turn around
and go back to the place you were in
and tell those people of my great love
for them, and how my Son died for their sin"

"But… but… God"…I stuttered…
He stopped me right there
"Have you forgotten what you asked me
in your morning prayer?"

Standing outside the door,
again with my head bowed low
only this time praying earnestly
as through the door, I did go

Standing alone at the bar
and wondering what I should do next
I saw him in the mirror, sitting alone
and looking somewhat depressed

So I made my way to him and asked
"may I talk with you for a while?"
"sure," he said "it'd be a pleasure"
and forced a weary smile

I shared with him of God's love for him
and surprisingly I wasn't a bit shy!
and when I looked more closely
I could see the tear in his eye

After I'd shared some more with him
he stood up but didn't say goodbye
he brought over his friends to hear
of God's love… and they too began to cry!

And now I look forward to meeting
my new friends…sinners, such as I
who, when they see me coming, affectionately say;
"Here's the man who makes us cry!"

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