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by Bob Peterson

Martha was a moving like a ball of fire,
She was kicking into overdrive.
With thirteen guests and the kitchen in a mess,
Had to get the dinner ready by five.

When she noticed Mary just sitting by Jesus,
Like she had all the time in the day.
So, she marched right up and cleared her throat,
And said, "Lord, I got something to say."

"Jesus it's time to tell the girl to get with it,
Can't waist time sitting there like a stone.
Cause it's plain to see that it isn't fair to me,
To have to carry the work all alone."

Jesus, looked up with a sad little smile,
As He waited for her words to subside.
Then He nodded once with a title of His head,
And said, "Come Martha sit by My side."

"Martha, oh Martha what troubles you so?
Why carry this load that you bare?
When there is only one thing that you need.
One thing that I'm longing to share."

"Your work and service are impressive it's true,
And your commitment, plain for all to see.
But what I'm really hoping to receive now from you,
Is a passion to spend time with Me."

"It may seem that Mary is wasting her time
To listen and wait on my voice.
But what she's gains from Me will not fade away,
And she'll not be regretting her choice."

We live in a life of worry and strife,
And find ourselves racing along.
We try to hold on to all that we can,
But find we're not really that strong.

Jesus, He's calling, He's calling to us,
He's saying, "I'm standing right here.
There's so much I'm longing to share with you now,
If you'll stop a moment to hear."

"Come and sit by my side, have a moment with Me.
Take a little rest from your day.
You're worried and troubled about so many things,
Come let me show you the way."

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