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Our Sorry Ways in these Covid Days

by Juliet Mitchell

In these days we lack our own space, it's hard to live together with good grace
Privacy now a sentimental idea, a dim distant memory we all fear
Rooms bursting at the seams, notions of empty planets fill all our dreams
Feelings run high and hot words can be said, all have sad faces on the way to bed

How to stop things from getting worse, think of a favourite Bible verse
Be still and know that I am God and the family are partial to battered cod !
Off for fish & chips we shall go, now we have smiles and less woe
Some of us say sorry words, apologies run out faster than antelope herds

A forehead is kissed to make things right, too much affection and some will take flight
A thumbs up with a smile from others will do, and the promise of a jolly strong brew!
I prefer a secret chocolate stash, mine's under a rock next to the trash
Ways to say sorry are many it's true, the above all helps not to get too blue

Some favour few words, whereas I use ten, 'I am sorry, I love you, please let's start again !'
Our hope and help with healing, comes from our God I talk when potato peeling
He knows it's hard for families to always live together, He is with us all in this stormy Covid weather

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