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Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

by Mark Spencer © 2021

Debates have raged for centuries,
On what WE think is right.
When we don't agree with something,
We cast it from our sight!

In the bible's Old Testament,
The examples abound.
There are very few chapters where
God's vengeance isn't found!

"But these are only metaphor",
The faithless Christian sings.
"The God that I formed in my head
Would never do such things!"

There is no reason good enough
To cause a global flood!
The actions of a "loving" God,
Would never demand blood!

"I know the way the Lord should act!
He fits within my mind!
I must agree with what he does!
By me He'll be defined!"

Is that not what is being said
When humans pick and choose,
The chapters they deem true and false,
According to their views?

"I cannot love a vengeful God!"
This is their admission.
Their faith and love in God above,
Bestowed on condition!

In their own image, God is formed,
And this gives them control.
They've done away with consequence,
For the defiant soul!

Instead there is another realm,
Through purgatory's gate,
Where sinful souls are overhauled,
Into a righteous state!

Theirs is a fluffy afterlife,
Where everybody wins.
They live whatever way they like,
No remorse for their sins!

But do all dogs go to heaven …
And none to damnation?
Does anybody really need
Jesus Christ's salvation?

They don't, in their reality,
Christ never had to die!
For all religions pass the test,
And meet God in the sky!

"My friends, you will not surely die!
Instead you'll be like God."
Those were the words the serpent spoke
To people sorely flawed!

And he keeps speaking in their ears,
The things they want to hear.
That's why the lies the devil speaks,
Fills everyone with cheer!

"God doesn't cast souls into hell!
And neither does His Son,
You needn't worry over that,
No matter what you've done!"

Does belief get more self serving?
No matter what … you're in??
And even those who don't believe,
Won't be condemned by sin?!

So what does Christ's blood save us from,
If it's not damnation;
When those who follow Satan's lead
Also find salvation??

"Righteousness is inconvenient,
And consequence is grim.
Why would a loving God reject,
The souls who reject Him?"

Heaven does not have better odds,
Than rolling a seven!
And those who thumb their nose at God,
Shouldn't go to heaven!

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