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by John Janzen © 2020

We do not own the largest home
Or drive the nicest car
We do not pose with finest clothes
Nor costliest by far

We eat our food and like it too
With palates unrefined
No fishy eggs or froggy legs
At places we have dined

Our bills get paid and most aren't late
With money left besides
In more or less, we're always blessed
Because our Lord provides

In leaner times, we may well find
Ourselves in some distress
We lift our prayers to God who cares
And He supplies the rest

As though this stuff were not enough
Provided from His Hand
He meets the need for which we plead
His peace for inner man

One thing's for sure, we're insecure
At home within this life
We must confess, the very best
We get from earth is strife

The pressure sore, the push for more
To buy all it can sell
The world with all, its orders tall
Is sure to underwhelm

The constant cries of blatant lies
Uncertainty and fear
Dissolve like snow because we know
The Prince of Peace is near

He paid the price in sacrifice
He died the death we owed
Eternal life through Jesus Christ
To those with faith bestowed

There is no new or ancient truth
No recent furnished plan
He is, and was, and is to come
Jesus, the great I Am

The promise of the God of love
To bring us to His throne
Gives lasting peace and sweet release
Until He calls us home

And just how rude the attitude
That ventures to complain
In this, the bliss of righteousness
Our healing through His pain

By God's design we will not find
The Spirit work through those
Who make a mess of gratefulness
And thankfulness oppose

Let kindred heart, each one take part
Let echo through our ranks
May mouths exude their gratitude
To give our Saviour thanks

Let be our choice the lifted voice
Of high hosannas raised
Let hearts of joy their lips employ
In thanks and words of praise

At last our Lord, utmost adored
May this our wish come true
When faced with death our final breath
Will utter, "Lord, Thank-you"

This poem was a finalist in the October 2020 poetry contest

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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