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May I Give Thanks?

by Edward Nickerson

May I Give Thanks?

Can I give thanks to my God above,
In a world of hurt, with so little love?
As riots rock with so much hate,
When hearts of loved ones are sure to break,
Yet I can give thanks for times no worse,
That our God above created first,
And has controlled creation that very day,
Where sin has threatened, come what may,
So high above on that Heavenly Throne,
He'll guide me 'til' I am gathered home!

No matter country, I can still give thanks,
For the sea must rest on landward banks,
When the heavens break, great thunder rolls,
But still safe in God, where our anchor holds.
And though our troubles press sore and deep,
Unrestricted promise of our souls to keep.
We smile as night gives way to day,
We're blessed to see yet another way.
And stand in awe of great God above, for
His grace and mercy pours again His love!

Thanksgiving Day like many times before,
We bow in thanks for good things and more.
Like food and health and new life it seems,
Yet fail the promise that salvation brings.
So can we change our lives a little,
And glean God's Word every jot and tittle,
Expand our hearts and thoughts display,
To thank our God not just today.
But each time we rise, to greet the day,
To say "Thanks to God," in a thankful way!

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