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The Old Man

by Paul Zimmerman Jr © 2019

You see him on the way to work
Does it stir you some inside ?
Sometimes you think that you're a jerk
As you go by in your ride

Running a quick errand now
You see him once again
Really pressed for time here
Maybe next time says your head

It's a sunny day out
To the park you take your boy
Near a tree the man you see
It's like a plot someone employed

The fellow sure looks tired
His clothes are mainly torn
Kids laugh at him as they go by
He can only sit and take the scorn

Well it's been about a month now
And seeing the man was quite routine
But something in your heart had changed
About this old fellow that you see

So while you start to run your errands
After another day at work
You drive past the same old man again
Your heart beats harder as you park

You have played this over and over
In your head so many times
You say you are a Christian man
But ignore all the dirt and grime

Sure you feel upset and bad
Pity the poor and the downcast
Now the question really is
Will you make a difference that will last ?

You know you have seen others too
There seems more than you realized
The less fortunate and homeless folks
Are all around to open eyes

I prayed for God's forgiveness
Of my pride and my neglect
Of one of His beloved
Of one less fortunate yet

And surely as I prayed it
Did the Lord give me a chance
This time the old man approached me
I didn't need a second glance

Hey mister can you spare something ?
I'd appreciate it if you can
Sure I said as we talked
And put some money in his hand

Oh let me give you something else
I said with hopeful glee
Please read this Bible tract sometime
I know it really did help me

I know you have a real tough life
And you have real needs for sure
But please consider something else
About your eternity forever more

I pray that you will understand
That Jesus died for all your sins
And if you'll repent and follow Him
In the end, you'll be the one who wins

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.