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Poem for God

by Christine Quinn © 2022

Sparkling blue oceans that shimmer like jewels
Cascading waterfalls plunge into pools
Lush green meadows that roll along
Birds of the bush who chant their songs
Clear shallow streams meandering through
Misty white clouds in vast skies of blue
Towering mountains so lofty and high
Silvery stars in the vast night sky
Cool gentle breezes on warm summer days
Shadowy trees screen the sun's bright rays
Cooling shadows in the evening sun
Red orange sunsets when days are done
Sun-kissed flowers in vivid hues
Panoramas with sweeping views
Look at this world and see His hand
How can you not understand?
"There is no God"? I hear some say
Have you not looked at the Milky Way?
This earth proclaims the work of His hands
Perhaps one day you'll understand.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2022 poetry contest

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