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Spiritual Cords

by Tracy A Andrews © 2020

Each one is born with a longing for attachment,
To feel loved, accepted and to share sentiment.
This longing is inborn, something we can't control,
Pre-ordained by God when He made the human soul.

A baby's first cord is sent out to their mothers,
Soon following are father, sisters and brothers.
Friends and relations are generally next in line,
As connections and relationships are defined.

Ultimately, God's plan is, we each find Him too,
He wants an intimate relationship with you.
Forgiveness, atonement, to call you His child,
The Holy Spirit's the cord for the reconciled.

This cord's promises have an eternal effect,
He gives gifts and fruit, as we, His Spirit, reflect.
Love God and one another are the golden rules,
This cord is depicted as the rarest of jewels.

This cord attaches us to a Father who cares,
Who listens to our prayers and collects all our tears.
This Father will never leave us nor forsake us,
We can safely give Him, all our love and our trust.

Then one day, we'll come across the one we're ment for,
The one we're willing to pledge, for life, to adore.
The one person whose love we just can't live without,
Of who's love and affection, we have not a doubt.

A cord of three strands is not easily broken,
We listen to what the Minister has spoken.
As we stand before him/her, ready to join our hearts,
Our heart cords stand ready to send forth their darts.

As we say, "I do," the heart's cord darts are released,
As our love for eachother is greatly increased.
This cord's a heart bond between God, husband and wife,
Which only gets stronger as we go through our life.

But the most important cord, is one that stands true,
The four strand cord … Father, Son, Spirit and YOU!

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