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The Road Back Home

by Debra Brent © 2019

We live in shame for what was done
Of who got hurt and how we feel,
Keep what torments us locked inside
But how then will one ever heal?

Trapped now within a broken lens
Unworthiness is all we see,
Intrusive thoughts rip through our mind
Shredding life's outlook to debris.

Then numb what's tore our world apart
Drown out the guilt with alcohol,
This road leads only to an edge
Where one more drink could be last call.

As we come face to face with death
We see Him in a different light,
A sign to step out of the dark
Reclaim our heart's first love and fight.

For what God wants is us to live
Here in the present, not the past,
If we get on our knees and pray
We simply only have to ask.

When we let go and we let God
Reveal the purpose in our pain,
It's through forgiveness we shall find
Our way back home to Him again.

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