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Hope and a Future

by Debra Brent © 2020

Bestowed upon me was a bible
One day after being baptized,
Inside was inscribed by the gifter
A passage I now idolize.

Twas a verse written by Jeremiah
Which awoke barren parts of my heart,
It spoke of how Jesus did die to give all
A future and hope to restart.

His wish for us to seek and prosper
Not of harm born in any which way,
Cause our purpose is found intertwined with the pain
We live out through the Word every day.

You see what Jeremiah had penned of
Parallels with the struggles we face,
For inside each hardship lay a question or two
Which pertain by and large to our faith.

Yet fear lurks in folds of the wrestle
Unbeknownst of what He's paved ahead,
But to whom fulfills trust and lacks not of their faith
Shall walk beside Him without dread.

Cause the ones who let go and are willing
To let God take their burdens and sins,
These are the souls who fear not of what lies
Up ahead when life truly begins.

So if time is now spent ruminating
Bout afflictions engulfing this life,
Remember that He has a plan built for you
Carved of His own heart, peace, love and light.

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