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Psalm 23

by Robert Hawkins © 2020

The LORD is my shepherd, supplying my needs.
He makes me lie down on the green, grassy ground;
beside gentle streams of still waters he leads.

Refreshing my spirit, restoring my soul;
the paths that we take for his righteousness sake,
will glory and honor his name we extol.

Though valleys of peril and darkness are trod,
I'll walk without fear for I know you are here
beside me to comfort with your staff and rod.

A feast is prepared in the midst of my foes.
The table is spread and you've oiled my head;
my cup full of blessings and grace overflows.

Your goodness and mercy will follow my days.
Through life's twists and bends I know where my road ends:
I'll live in the house of Jehovah always.‚Äč

This poem was a finalist in the October 2020 poetry contest

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