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Satan's Working Overtime

by Tracy A Andrews © 2020

The devil is a raging lion, seeking who he may destroy.
He comes into your life and plays with you as if you were a toy.
He wants to destroy your character and to steal your confidence,
He wants your crown, and to destroy YOU, to assert his dominance.

Satan's working in your life, overtime, because he wants control,
He'll steal the life God gave you because he wants to destroy your soul!
He wants to trap you in religion, so God doesn't have your heart,
He'll take away your time with God, because you're working just too hard!

Satan wants you to doubt the Scriptures and to doubt your salvation,
He'll make you doubt your ability and doubt God's adoration.
He wants to steal your crown, the reward of a life lived just for God,
He wants to ruin your purity, take your purpose by defraud.

He'll try to ruin your character, through internet and tv,
He'll influence your worldly friends to tempt you to behave badly.
The devil is working overtime to mess with Christian's mindsets,
He'll plague your mind with bad choices, so you have to live with regrets.

God's will for us is to be saved, to be holy and faithful to Him,
With confidence in the LORD, the church would turn the world on it's limb.
So, read and memorize God's Word, so you're prepared for satan's attack,
The Holy Spirit will clean your heart and mind, He really has your back!

Put your faith in the promises of God and live your life for Him,
He'll give you your heart's desires and fill you with joy to the brim.
We'll have victory if we trust in God and keep our eyes above,
So, revel in the joy of the Lord, and the knowledge of His love.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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