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Though Insignificant, We have Promise In Christ

by Tracy A Andrews © 2018

God's the greatest Creator of whom you've heard,
He created everything from His spoken Word.
Bethlehem was a small, insignificant town,
Surely no one coming from there would wear a crown.

Jesus was born in that small town of Bethlehem,
In a small little stable, near some shepherd men.
This baby would save the world from it's sin,
He was the greatest Saviour the world has seen.

So, we can rejoice if we feel insignificant,
God can use us to make something magnificent!
He uses the simple to confound the wise,
It means even I am special in His eyes.

God uses small armies to defeat multitudes,
Small churches need to change their attitudes.
God can use them, all He needs is a willing heart,
People who are willing to trust Him and take part.

David was a shepherd boy, Moses stuttered,
Rahab was a prostitute, Tamar was widowed.
Billy Graham, a farmboy, George Whitfield, a pauper.
Mother Teresa, a nun, Catherine Booth, a mother.

God uses the insignificant, and makes them great,
With God, nothing is impossible, the Bible does state.
When God uses the insignificant, no one can boast,
Only God gets the glory, so give Him your utmost.

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