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Trust in Me

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

"When the storms are raging;
Then trust in Me, child.
My word will calm the waves,
Be they ever so wild.

Put your trust in Me, child,
When the waters roar and foam;
And you're adrift at sea,
Miles and miles from home.

Don't be afraid,
There's no reason to fear.
Though you may feel alone,
I am always near.

I am watching over you,
I'm holding your hand;
And I will guide you safely -
To a good, good land.

Your little boat won't sink;
The waters won't overflow.
This storm came your way -
So your faith in Me might grow.

Put your trust in Me, child,
With Me you are safe.
I will give you my strength,
And the grace to be brave.

When the waters roar and foam,
And you're adrift at sea;
Keep on hoping, keep on believing -
My child, just trust in Me."

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