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by Pernell Rodocker © 2014

Hate is destructive to the innocent of heart.
Hate tears down the lives, a family torn apart.
Hate uses deception to feed upon the meek.
Hate's lies will steal away your hope and make you weak.

Pills or a gun, a rope or drinking to the death,
Mainlining taking chances smoking crystal meth.
How to deal with the pain that hate has truly dealt,
I know that I'm not alone, this too you have felt!

Into the looking glass of truth, hiding not your heart,
Stare past the eyes so cold this life has fallen apart.
The lonely grave is calling with a promise of peace.
Step down into the darkness canceling this life's lease.

If only I could travel to memories of the past.
I would seek a painless time when love would always last.
A mother's bended knee would bow before the Lord.
Tears of pain and sorrow an offering out poured.

Living day to day with in a life of hate,
Will bring one's soul down before hell's only gate.
Examine very closely the gate no longer locked.
A savior once that died, on the cross there he was mocked.

Way down into the depths of hell, he walked out with every key,
For mother's praying for their children while down of bended knee.
This grave that offers peace to you will only end in hell.
Child, follow out the Savior's path and all will end up well.

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