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by Jeffrey Warda

I believe in all of you

Yet so few of you believe in me

I know everything you say and do

And still, I love you equally

I cover you under a grace

You surely don't deserve

I've left the keys to Heavens gates

In scripture and the written word

I sacrificed my only Son

He gave his life so you could live

He took upon the sins of man

And showed the world how to forgive

I turned my back on him that day

As he died alone upon the cross

Search your heart and ask yourself

If you've ever suffered such a loss?

I created Earth and sky

And from the dust created man

The rhythm of the tidal flow

And every single grain of sand

Every hair upon your head

I have counted every strand

Over all the creatures great and small

I've given you command

I've known you long before your birth

To each of you I gave a story

A calling in your soul

To manifest my love and glory

Yet so many of you clearly

Have from me gone astray

Surrendered to the enemy

And blindly lost your way

All that I've bestowed on you

You hesitate to say my name

I hear it in your words of curse

I hear it when it's me you blame

But when you're lost in fear and doubt

And tragedy has found your house

I hear everything you've said

But faith without good works is dead

The only way to me is through

The Son who gave his life for you

Your prayers, your hopes, your wants and needs

Must go through Christ to get to me

You've let yourselves all be deceived

You've made the Earth your friend

You've become my enemy

Though you don't seem to comprehend

Oblivious of prophecy

And the birth pains of the coming end

In the houses where the children learn

You've banished the mention of my name

Without a prayer, no longer there

You can't go back the way you came

Idolaters you have come to be

Worshipping celebrity

Perversions and profanities

You glorify iniquity

This is what has come to be

This is what the children see

From this comes a new disease

A sickness without cure

Affecting all humanity

From believers to the secular

You worship only money

and the light of popularity

The approval that you seek

Has driven you away from me

So, I have with a simple breath

Put the dollar bill to death

The theaters and the stadiums

The churches where no one attends

What happens now it all depends

Inside the book I have revealed

Scripture for you all to read

Armor with a sword and shield

Protection from the enemy

I have offered you without reproach

The wisdom that you'll need

To ask in faith without a doubt

Or be tossed about like a wave at sea

Lay aside your filthiness

And wicked overflow

Receive with meekness the implanted word

That can truly save your soul

For I am without shadow

I am without variation

I am your creator

There is no contestation

The time has come to shed your skin

The written word can set you free

Pick up the cross and give up sin

Shine a light for all to see

Take heed and transform yourselves

For each word I have spoken

Remember that I love you all

But my promises are never broken

So do not lean on your own ways

But follow my command

My ways are not the same as yours

Some you will not understand

Trust the Holy spirit

I have placed inside your soul

It will guide your steps when you are lost

And light the way that you must go

Build your house upon the rocks

I am your shelter when your cold

If you do a day will come

You'll walk on streets of gold

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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