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Who Does God Say We Are?

by Tracy A Andrews © 2019

Have you ever truly wondered who God says we are?
Does He look at us and think we're too sinful by far?
I've always wondered if I measure up to His grade,
If He thought His Son was too big a price to be paid.

Read the Bible, I encourage you, read what He says,
It's written there in ink, His love for you, He displays.
We're made in His image, with a spirit, we're inborn,
He made us in the womb, saw us before we were born.

God knows us so well, He knows what we're going to say,
He knows how we'll handle what we come across today.
We have value, God's counted every one of our hairs,
And He keeps a bottle for every one of our tears.

God gave His Son to die for us on Calvary's tree,
He hung there in our place, He died for you and for me.
He decided we're worth saving, our sin's price, He paid,
Now we're forgiven in a sin for purity trade.

We just need to accept our Messiah's sacrifice,
God gives forgiveness freely, though there is a high price.
We give up our life, we let Messiah live through us,
We're anointed, given a purpose, in Him we trust.

We're Ambassadors for Yeshua, Children of light,
We are citizens of Heaven who walk in God's might.
God's Spirit guides us and empowers us in His work,
As we become more Christ-like, we become God's artwork.

Now we're part of God's family, we're loved as His own,
We no longer need to worry that we'll be alone.
Now we know we're loved and have a family who care,
And we get to meet 'Abba', when we're finished down here.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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