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1 Samuel 17:31-40

by Tracy A Andrews © 2021

You prepared David for what you'd have him do,
As a shepherd, he fought lions, and bears too.
He had to fight the way he had in the past,
He couldn't take Saul's armour when he was asked.

Saul's armour didn't fit, it was much too big,
It wasn't needed in God's plan for this gig.
God uses the simple to astound the wise,
To bring glory to Himself, in other's eyes.

All David needed was five stones and a sling,
The giant was killed when he gave it a swing.
That stone landed smack, on the giant's forehead,
The power behind that stone, knocked him out, dead.

All David needed to do was trust in God,
The way He came through for David has me awed.
And it's the same for us, when we do His will,
He will have already given us the skill.

So, trust in God and let Him train and guide you,
He knows the past from the beginning, it's true.
The trials you go through give you what you need,
So, you know with God, you can only succeed.

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