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All things work for our good

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Sometimes God gives sunshine,
Sometimes He gives rain.
He's with us in our happiness,
And with us in our pain.

Whatever may befall us,
It'll surely be allright.
We never walk in darkness;
The Lord is our Light.

In the Almighty we can trust;
He knows what is best.
We're secure and safe in Him;
His love will stand the test.

When hardships come along;
Sorrow, confusion and hurt,
Let us never forget -
God is faithful to His Word.

He uses every experience
To build believers up;
Even the greatest pain,
Even the most bitter cup.

Our Father is good and gentle,
Tender, loving and kind;
And He always has -
Our best interest in mind.

Though He sometimes visits
His children with the rod,
Together all things work for good
For those who love God!

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