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A heavenly hymn

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Jesus tells us to pray always;
To give the Lord no rest…
To pray with simple words;
From the heart, and with zest.

God the Father is at His work
Both night and day.
He listens very attentively -
To all His children have to say.

He waits with eager expectation
For us to draw near.
Our daily quiet time with Him
Is something He holds dear.

He longs to know our thoughts;
To share our joy, and sorrow.
God is interested in our plans;
In our dreams for tomorrow.

His ears are open to our cries,
We know He always hears us;
If we ask according to His will -
In the name of Jesus.

God loves to give us good things,
He is ever willing to bless;
That is why not every prayer -
For an answer gets His "yes".

We needn't be discouraged,
If we don't receive what we expect.
We need persistence, Jesus says;
God bears long with His elect.

An attitude of confident trust
Is absolutely paramount.
We mustn't be like ships, tossed
To and fro on waves of doubt.

God loves it when with thanksgiving
We cast all our cares on Him.
A prayer from a thankful heart -
It is a sweet and heavenly hymn!

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