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Love Set Me Free

by Abigail Bass

I strain against my chains of bondage,
Wishing to free my aching arms and heart.
Things not done come to take me hostage,
I pray bitter memories would depart.
All I have done to deserve this ache,
Makes me wish to change my terrible past.
Please, thy creation do not forsake,
No longer will I wearily last.
Collapsing to my knees I shudder,
My nails scrape filth as I writhe in torture.
Stretching my eyes I see a black void color,
I am helpless, paralyzed in horror.
Blank is all there is, bare is all I see,
My arms fall limp; a cry swells in my throat.
Nothing and no one will come for me,
Nothing will stay alive, not even hope.

My whole world is filled with light,
My evil acts flash before my eyes, then fade.
Joy, laughter, love, kind, restored is sight,
My vision returning, I hear Him say,
I am the way, the truth, and the light,
He lifts my chin in His gentle hand.
LORD, I need you, I cry in fright,
I am forgiven, by the greatest ruler of all the land.
Why did I ever hate him so?
Why commit crimes against a loving King?
How had hatred influenced me for so long?
Because of Him I sing a new song.
I will change from my old ways,
I will obey every command he says.
Suddenly, I am not me, but someone new.
And it's all because of You.
You are the way,
You are the truth,
You are the light,
And You are Love.
And Love set me free.

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