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The Orphaned Queen

by Edward Nickerson

May I share a story of her rise to glory,
Of an orphan child that day.
Staying out of trouble for she loved her uncle,
Loving God in the Hebrew way.
She stayed alone at her uncles home,
While Mordecai he served the king.
Hadassah was this maidens name,
To his household joy she'd bring.

Then orders went through out the land,
The king would seek a queen.
Every fair young prospect was herded up,
To the king's house of maiden's they'd bring.
Her name was changed to Esther then,
Not to be taken that far away,
Mordecai walked before the courts,
To catch a glimpse of Esther each day.

Advised to withhold her native tongue,
Yet stated true to her God.
Finding favor with the keeper of them,
He trusted each step she trod.
She worked to learn the palace pomp,
To strengthen the Mede's regime.
Yet tried to serve her God each day,
God's service was her theme.

An evil plot by Haman came,
To unknowing cost her life.
The king sent letters through the land,
Her people now filled with strife.
There was no hope the Law approved,
To reverse the curse her plight.
To appear impromptu before the king,
To that day now risk her life.

"And if I perish, I perish," I now request,
To thwart Haman's so evil a plan.
A noose prepared for her uncles' neck,
Was swinging in Haman's hand.
But God the master in silent control,
Would change the end it seemed.
Mordechai honored in such a way,
God's people them redeemed.

Much like the Jews in Esther's day,
Our Lord has set us so free.
When sin had claimed our very souls,
Jesus died there on that tree.
He bore our sins to that rugged cross,
What wonder, how can that be?
The grave could not contain Him there,
Today, celebrate with me!

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