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My Internet

by Gertrude Jefferies

I don't need a cell phone number
I don't need a roaming range
I don't need a wi-fi hook up
Or an intricate user name.
I don't need an installation
Of new channels on TV
Or a VCR programmer
Saving reruns for me to see.

None of these are really important
They're not what life is all about
But an open link to Heaven
I can never do without.
I don't need to Skype my Savior
For He lives within my heart
And that ever constant Internet
Will never need to be a part
Of my relationship with Jesus
Or my ever thankful heart.
I don't need a back-up folder
Up in "Clouds" or who knows where
I just need my log in status:

This poem won first place for the January 2020 poetry contest

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