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The Purpose

by Debra Brent © 2020

Tears flowed with all I had done wrong
Felt each mistake for far too long,
Not knowing such a gift divine
Would serve His purpose in due time.

Guilt manifested toxic shame
Which turned each sorrow then to blame,
And questioned what He meant for me
To find built in such misery.

For years I walked unconscious of
Christ's sovereignty, grace, faith and love,
And shouldered pain I thought was mine
Blinded that I was of His vine.

Yet once The Book was brought to light
I saw all Jesus sacrificed,
Revealed to me what seemed unclear
Born to serve Him, slave not to fear.

Twas then a new life had begun
Thanks to the dying of His Son,
For on that cross was left for me
His message I could finally see.

It's through God's Word I now can tell
My story of repentance well,
That which was sought through earthly sin
Was meant to bring my heart to Him.

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