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When I was young. Memories of my parents growing up.

by Melonie McPeat © 2021

When I was young
Memories of my parents

Mom I remember when I was young.
You would take me out to eat.
Then a little bit afterwards, we'd have a tasty treat.
I remember when I was young, the first movie you took me to see.
I remember when I was young, our very first Christmas tree.
I remember when I was young, our trips to grandma and grandpa's house.
How much fun us grandkids would have, romping through the house.
I remember when I was young, the Easter basket you made for me.
Full of snicker bars, my very favorite candy.
I remember when I was young, my daddy took me.
To the grocery store, to pick out a birthday cake for me.
I remember when I was young, my very first day of school.
I never wanted you to leave me, but I had to learn the rules.
For you had to go to work, and always said to me.
Mel I'll be back to get you, it won't be long just wait and see.
I remember when I was sick, you and dad stayed up all night with me.
What a blessing to have two parents who cared so much for me.
So many memories in my mind, that will always stay with me.
God blessed me with two loving parents, that would do anything for me.
You both will be in my heart forever, my love will never grow old.
Two parents so wonderful and loving, With a heart made of gold.

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