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Let's Heal

by Debra Brent © 2021

What is the purpose for me waking up
On this dreary chill of Sunday morn?
Why does God wish me to be here again
In a world only sadness has born?

I scroll mindlessly through every Tik Tok
Reread of a poem, two, then three;
Stop dead in my tracks sifting through a journal
I find of these words spoke to me:

"You are wanted here and sorely needed"
Such phrases penned in my own hand;
Yet my mind soon reverts, pushing me towards the edge
Like a neon sign reaching its end.

"You're nothing, a loser, and what you do have
Isn't worth the space that it takes up;
Why I ever birthed of you, only He knows
But to me you were never enough."

Then springs up a hope instilled way long ago
And careens it's way through all the pain;
This voice I hear echoes, lean into its breath
As a flood of peace flows through my veins.

So gently it fills up my lungs of a life
Thought meant for only of despair;
Wafts through the air a song built out of hope
And those dreams not beyond His repair.

"You are loved. You are wanted. You are more than worthy
Beautiful, amazing and so bright;
Your strength lies in courage, rest on my shoulder
I will fill your wounds with my Son's light."

These words did exist within my beating heart
Yet Satan stole back for a time;
Till the emptiness which did consume me last night
Was replaced with a love He defined.

The Devil did think he had drowned it all out
With booze, drugs and pills out of strife; Unbeknownst that each time I had tried to end it
God fought with each breath for my life.

The truth of this matter embeds in the fact
We all hold His voice deep inside;
Whether heard of just once or time and again
It's our faith which will keep us alive.

For you might think it sounds like that of your mother
Your father, friend or neighbor too;
Yet what we don't realize is of which we hear
Comes straight from the heart He bore you.

If we'd clear out the brush of all those who did hurt
Burn at dusk each night we would then see;
Those flames that light high in the sky are our worth
Just let go, let God set us free.

The devil may reign as the king in our head,
But it's He who's in charge of our heart:
Take of the time to weed out past ingrained,
With love, In Him lies a new start.

So next time you feel you've got nothing to give,
Set fire to all that's not real
And what's left behind are His words so divine:

"I love you my child, let's heal."

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