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The Socialistic Night

by Kevin Smead © 2020

There is a plan, by unbelief designed
Where all man's hopes are to this earth confined,
Where the state, in all its bloated pride
Can reign, and rule and everything decide.

In this plan, possessions are amassed
By those who rule the state, and are then passed
Out to others, by the sovereign will
Of the state, their “justice” to fulfill.

Man's freedoms, once regarded as a fact,
Fall backward in this socialistic pact,
For property, once held to be a right
Is taken by the state, then it is night.

Cheerful giving, from a Christian heart
Yields to government, and then in part
The free, are strapped and woefully oppressed,
Their dignity, though lasting, is depressed.

Hard Work, held sacred in the Bible text
Will be discouraged, industry is vexed,
The place of God, now taken by the state
They try to rule, to redirect the fate.

The church, and then the family, are passé
Relics of the former Christian sway,
What’s worse “Christ was a Marxist” it is said,
The Christian message turned upon its head.

Jealousy and envy now enthroned,
Class warfare, once condemned, is now condoned,
Love of neighbor taken from our hands,
Quite forcefully to meet the states demands.

Such is the case when God is little known
The state will be revered and then enthroned
A nation once united under God
Buried beneath the socialistic sod.

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