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The Last Lie

by Nate Corbitt

The Last Lie is one we tell our self.

We scream in our minds "there can be no help!"

we retrieve our so-called savior from its hallowed shelf,

and end our existence with a pitiful yelp.

Why should we care for the hearts we bereave?

Our pain is too great, let others now grieve.

And thus, we perish, a pathetic little whelp.

Who would rather die miserable than ask someone for help.

The Last Lie may be "our life's a mistake",

failing to realize the difference we make.

A kind word spoken, a few dollars spared,

time given to others for whom we cared.

our agony blinds us from seeing these roles well played.

Instead, we see a future bleak, broken, and now decayed.

Every life is planned and given by God above,

and his heart aches to show you his love.

if God (our Creator) desired our death,

he would speak one word and snuff our last breath.

The Last Lie may be "I'll not be missed",

forgetting the faces of those we've known, loved, and kissed.

A father whose mind will be tortured searching for his mistake.

A mother whose heart our selfish choice will break.

Siblings who wonder what they could or even should have said,

And friends who will soon join us in choosing to be dead.

These and so many others our lives touch each day,

and our death will only add to their dismay.

We do not think of these we love so dear,

and choose instead to focus on our fear.

The Last Lie may be "This is something I can't face."

a fear, a failure, an utter disgrace.

our fear is ever present and always on the rise,

it mocks us with our failures and threatens our demise.

these terrors attack us when we're tired and weak,

and make us feel unable even to speak.

We feel like our pain is far too great,

to continue living in such a dismal state.

fears, failures, and pains are going to take place,

But we can overcome them by God's divine grace.

Friend, I am one who has heard these lies whispered in the mists,

When life stabs like a dagger and mercilessly twists.

I've felt the pain and suffered the sleepless nights,

that follow the mockery and endless frights.

Dawn still comes after every night.

There is still hope, no matter your plight.

I need you to understand,

The Last Lie is NEVER by God's command.

Christ seeks our broken and bleeding hearts to mend.

Please seize this moment, as a new beginning rather than the end,

and perhaps someday You and I can meet my friend.

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