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The armor of God

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

In Jesus we have
Full assurance of salvation.
A royal priesthood we are,
God's holy nation.

God has called us
To walk as children of Light.
We need to be strong
In His power and His might.

We need to put on
The complete armor of God;
With the gospel of peace
Our feet must be shod.

Beloved, we wrestle
Against wicked, dark powers.
The days are evil,
We must redeem the hours.

Be girded with the truth!
Take up the shield of faith!
Wear Jesus' righteousness
As your breastplate!

Beloved, always believe -
What God says in His Word,
Then Satan's darts
Will not be able to hurt.

God's Word is a sword;
The weapon of the Holy Spirit.
It cuts through the soul,
And its power knows no limit.

Beloved, put on God's armor
To fight the good fight;
And always pray in the Spirit
With all of your might.

With this armor God gave us,
We can not be defeated.
The victory is ours -
With Christ we will be seated!

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