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Mirror, Mirror

by Debra Brent © 2020

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is that staring back at me?
Dead eyes show only of someone
Others defined as "nobody".

Past trauma, neglect and abuse
Slowly built walls to isolate,
A fortress for our inner child
In hopes to always keep them safe.

And yet their cries swell in our throat
Amid such darkness, fear and fright,
Beg for us to just once reach out
Grasp hold of His hand, heart and light.

Overwhelmed by blinding pain
We drop on bended knee to pray,
"Please take us from this place dear Lord,
Wrapped up within your arms we'll stay".

His embrace sparks of a flame
Unlike any we've ever known,
Igniting a forgotten peace
Held dormant deep within our soul.

For it's not of which others see
That bears the staple of one's worth,
But what the good Lord up above
Instilled in us the day of birth.

A masterpiece sculpted of love
One He created from the start,
Built upon grace and righteousness
Our lives to Him, a work of art.

You see reflections have no worth
When viewed through our own broken lens,
For true beauty lies in His gifts
Of which mirrors can not transcend.

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