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Our Price!

by Edward Nickerson

The Christian life you cannot buy,
Or gain it naturally.
Christ paid the price upon the cross,
That you could have it free.
But freedom came at such a cost,
It nailed Him to a tree.
That in my time, a joy to find,
In setting people free.

Oh, what a shame, and I'm to blame,
Those thorns upon His head.
The stripes cut deep into his back,
His body crimson red.
He died for me, oh praise his name,
No mourners dressed in black.
There on the cross He took my sin,
For Him, no turning back.

Salvations plan for God and man,
Sent Jesus to the cross.
I couldn't pay the price that day,
For Gentiles were the lost.
His life for mine, is the grace I find,
He gave His life for me.
That freedom gained, through all that pain,
My soul might be set free!

We live today, and by the way,
That story's getting old.
You know that Christ can change a life,
There's that Christian up the road.
He talked to you of a life that's new,
But you like living bold.
So much to do, and life to live,
You'll do it when you're old.

Well, life goes fast, it may not last,
Ending quicker than you think.
You're twenty now, but eighty then,
And standing on life's brink.
But in your mind, you still have time,
It's later than you've guessed.
And in your sleep, your judge you meet,
Salvation time has passed.
And in your sleep, your judge you meet,
salvation time has passed.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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