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“I Beseech You Lord”

by Edward Nickerson

I beseech you Lord this morning,
I'm starting a new day.
To keep me calm, to help me smile,
Helping others on their way.
Only you will know what this day may bring,
So prepare me come what may.
I beseech you Lord this morning,
Prepare my hearth today.

I beseech you therefore brethren,
By the mercies of the Lord.
The Apostle Paul cried out that day,
As before the Lord he trod.
Please present your life, a living sacrifice,
Acceptable unto God.
To a Holy King your service bring,
That your witness be not flawed.

Our God said unto Moses,
I will do this thing you asked.
You've found my grace, I know your name,
Your answers coming fast.
But I beseech thee, show your glory,
God's goodness He made pass.
That he could not look upon God's face,
Yet he saw Him from the back.

God's people were so steeped in sin,
They could not possess the land.
To wipe them out, without a doubt,
Was a part of God's great plan.
Moses cried out I beseech you Lord,
Let not your judgement stand.
In your grace and love and mercy,
Please pardon where you can!

King David cried I beseech the Lord,
I've done an evil thing.
I've numbered this great people,
Dishonor to you bring.
Job cried now I beseech the Lord,
As to life itself I cling.
The Psalmist cried I beseech the Lord,
a blessing will you bring?

A man in pain till Jesus came,
He dwelt among the tombs.
No clothes he wore, his body bore,
The end was coming soon.
I beseech thee Lord, torment me not,
Jesus recognized his wounds.
He cast the devil out that day,
He saved that soul from doom.

Have you cried out I beseech you Lord,
As you started out this way?
Have you tried to walk that close to Him,
Has he brightened up your day?
Will he be your friend until the end,
No matter come what may?
Beseech the Lord, have Him on board,
And let Jesus have His say!

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