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Letters to God

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Often, when I have quite a lot to say,
I write God a long letter -
And I tell Him all about my day.

I tell Him the things that made me happy,
And the things that made me sad.
All of the good stuff, but also the bad.

I thank Him too, for the life He gave me.
For saving me, for loving me -
How much more blessed could I be?

My dreams I share with Him, my plans -
All that is on my heart and
In heaven God smiles, He understands.

He listens patiently, He never gets mad.
Together we reflect -
On questions I have, on this and on that.

His opinion I value, I disregard it not.
He knows best because
Well, after all, He's an all-knowing God.

God is my Dad, and my best friend.
The One who deeply cares,
Who loves me world without end.

After we've talked, I feel so much better...
And I know for certain:
I'll always send Him my love in a letter.

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