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I Could Have Been

by Mark Spencer © 1997

I could have been a physicist,
Maybe an engineer.
I could have chosen politics
To be my life's career.

I might have been a novelist
And written many books.
Or perhaps a super model,
And lived off my good looks.

I could have been the home run king
Or greatest running back.
I might have even won the gold
On the Olympic track.

But these are things that cannot be
For one without a voice.
Some people say I'm not alive,
And I don't have a choice.

No case has yet been made for me,
To quell this distortion.
So I must pay for their mistakes,
And face their abortion.

They proudly say it is their choice,
And claim it's not a sin.
To throw away all that I am,
And what I could have been.

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