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The Picture of God

by Suzanne Wagner Guinn © 2021

A picture is worth thousands of words
Of this we often are told
But more precious to me
Than the pictures we see
Is having our dear ones to have and to hold.

A sad little boy laid crying one night
Wishing his daddy was home.
His picture laid near
That Johnny held dear
But wished out of the picture he'd come.

To comfort the boy and give him some peace
The mom said this to her child:
'Your Daddy loves you
And thinks of you, too,'
Which lasted for only a while.

The words that Mom said he knew to be true
No longer gave comfort or peace.
He wanted Dad's touch.
He missed him so much.
His crying just wouldn't cease

Like him we all held a picture of God
Revealed in the scriptures of old
We read of His love
And thoughts from above
For in the scriptures of this we are told

But man wanted to see His God's holy face
And be held in God's loving arms.
So God came to earth
When Jesus was birthed
In the animals' unholy barn.

He walked among us and gave us a view.
His children now had a vision.
He reached out to man,
And touched with his hand.
His love to us was His commission.

Be pictures of Christ and serve one another.
Through this our God is displayed
To those who have needs.
By this plant the seeds
Of God's love which in Christ is parlayed.

This poem was a finalist in the May 2021 poetry contest

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