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Won’t You Come Now To The Savior

by Cheremiah © 2022

Imagine your children
In rebellion had roamed
Far far away
And were no longer at home

And then they were captured
By sinful, evil, man
Out to destroy them
Any way that he can

You would do everything
All that you could
To save your dear Children
I know that you would

As a loving dear Mother
And a loving dear Dad
You would lay down your life
To spare your dear Lads

You would pay any ransom
Be it ever so high
To rescue your Children
So they wouldn't die

Well, why is it hard then
For you to see
That God paid the sin debt
For You and for Me

There is None that is righteous
God said "No Not One"
And with No Other Way of Salvation
Father God offered His Son

Jesus took on Himself
Your Penalty
Your Death for sin
With no guarantee
That you would ever ask Him in

God had no guarantee you
Would admit you're undone
Dead in trespasses and sins
And in need of His Son

But Jesus died on the Cross
Because He Loves You dear one
So so very much
Yes, … Jesus God's Son

Up to now you have spurned Him
Everything that He's done
You have disrespected His Sacrifice
Rejected God's Son

You need Jesus's Blood Sacrifice
To cover your sins
Or you Won't make it to heaven
You Will Not be let in

If you step into Eternity
Without Jesus the Christ
Eternal damnation
Awaits you for life

I pray with my whole heart
Today is the day
You ask Jesus to save you
That you desire to pray

Jesus, I am a sinner
And for me You died
I am the reason
You were crucified

For me, You were crucified
Buried, and Rose from the Grave
Please wash me in Your Blood
So I can be saved

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Book by Cheremiah

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