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I Walk With Him

by Clinton Herring © 2021

Oh how sweet the days are now
to walk with Him so free!
The lies all gone, I know not how.
A child of God I be!

Not bound at all, He stepped in time
that I might walk with Him.
He came to set my life in rhyme
and birth me as His kin!

His glories are too great to see,
or know His matchless worth.
The living Word of God is He,
of woman He entertained birth.

In precious joy I walk with Him.
He came to seek me out.
Lost sheep was I, my life so dim.
I had no earthly clout.

So why choose me? Who am I?
I'm nothing in this life.
In flesh He came to live, then die (??!)
to end my daily strife.

Just love it is, for that He IS!
I walk with Him, a man.
He bought me back from death, I'm His,
His death was His wise plan.

A man of God He calls me now,
I strive to speak His truth.
I'm now an heir of grace, Oh Wow!
I've walked with Him from youth.

This poem was a finalist in the May 2021 poetry contest

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