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The Best Is Yet To Come

by Robert Hedrick © 2021

It was God Who put me on earth and for many
years He's allowed me to stay,
Then He'll decide how long I remain, for more
years or before the end of this day.
Yet to me this is unimportant, for I am saved by
by Jesus Christ, God's Only Son,
Then whenever I depart this life I know that the
best is yet to come.

There was a time this wasn't true, for not the best,
but the worst was headed my way,
For I was living my life as did the prodigal son by
allowing sin to rule my day.
With little thought of others, only for myself and
going all out to have my so called fun,
Not thinking of tomorrow, only of today, and not
considering what was yet to come.

The fun ended and my eyes opened to the tears
and troubles I had left behind,
That all of those pleasures were fake for none
were of the lasting kind.
My brain was beginning to tell me how wrong I had
been and the damage that was done,
I saw where my life was headed all that was
yet to come.

Realizing God had kept me alive on many times, how
many I didn't know,
He showed me why I am still here, it's for His Godly
Seeds I need to sow.
I've been forgiven of all of my sins by Jesus, God's
Through His love, I have no doubts that the best is
yet to come.

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