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Messiah Cries…For Me

by Mark Henderson © 2021

Slowly he lifted his eyes
Toward the moon to the skies
And His heart in weighty surprise
Heard the silence of its cries

And the earth under his feet
He could sense the angry beat
Of a history so replete
Of the depravity that went deep

Of wars and their dearth
Of death and its girth
Of greed on its perch
In its materialistic search

Not a person without guilt
Not a child without tilt
Not a friendship without stilt
And relationships soiled by wilt

And he fell to his knees
Begging the heavens please
Not to forsake all of these
But from guilt be set free

And the Maker from above
Had pity and grace enough
To look down on his love
And not forsake us in grudge

And this now our calling
Not the guilt of our falling
But the eternity He's installing
And a new destiny recalling.

So how can I contain
This new song, its refrain
That calls me out by name
From the heavens from my shame

So I will sing this new song
It's melody sweet and strong
Till my heart knows it belongs
To the Savior who came along…
For me.

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