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Over the sunset hill

by Gloria Beach © 1985

I wondered if I uttered
all the words that could be said
while I knelt beside my grandma
laying quietly on her death bed.

Her voice too weak to speak
her eyes to faint to see
but praise God for the assurance
she acknowledged it was me.

There wasn't much that I could do
for the end was drawing near
I just held her hand so gently
and whispered these words in her ear.

Beyond the sunset Grandma
you'll have real joy and peace
and all your cares and sorrows
will in a short time cease.

She was too weak to speak a word
but grasped my hand just then
and in my heart I felt assured
she was ready to meet him.

As hard as it was to say goodbye
my heart rejoices still
for I know that I will see her again
just over the sunset hill.

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