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A Nurse's Prayer

by Robert Hawkins © 1984

Dear Lord, our Great Physician,
today I seek Thy face.
Give ear to my petition
for guidance and for grace;

for patience in the learning
the things I've yet to learn;
for wisdom in discerning
which paths in life to turn;

for strength when time's demanding
my limit to exceed;
for warmth and understanding;
to sense each patient's need;

for courage while crusading
against the plagues of man;
for peace when their life's fading
and I've done all I can.

Allow me as thy servant
to use my learnéd skills,
and keep my vision fervent
to ease my neighbor's ills.

Lord, help me use the knowledge
that I have gained these years:
those things I've learned in college
through study, time, and tears.

And let me see the Savior
in every bed I tend,
so that my own behavior
is as unto a friend.

‚ÄčLord, let me care for others
the way I'd care for Thee,
in order that my brothers
might see Thy love in me.

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