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My Redeemer

by Edward Nickerson

An angel came from Heaven that day,
And he rolled away the stone.
For Jesus came forth from the grave,
As if he was leaving His home.
The graveclothes neatly left aside,
The head cloth folded all alone.
Great proof that He forever lived,
An opened Tomb, a thrust back stone.

Well History stopped that very day,
To tell the world my Savour came.
To tell the world before Christ died,
Our sins on Himself were lain.
But now He loves and can forgive.
His forgiveness for us His pain.
He did all the Messiah had to do,
To prove redemption will remain.

To write the date and then add A.D.
You tell our Jesus is now alive.
The reason for that rolled back stone
Those grave clothes laid aside.
To go back beyond that very time.
A time date that B.C provides
We then admit my Saviour came,
And He walks now at our side,

And then to go beyond that point,
Where my Jesus lives within.
Not a country, race or continent,
Nor the color of my outer skin.
He knows the illness of a sinful heart,
He known the pain you are living in,
He knows a repenting prayer you see
And can change your life again.

For He took me from the "miry clay"
And molded my sinful life anew.
The closer I've walked to Him each day,
The closer our friendship grew.
Listen, "a son I am right now of His",
Every storm He leads me through,
Even though you may not seek Him now,
He has promised the same for you!

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